Derrick White shines for Boston Celtics

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Derrick White shines for the Boston Celtics as they beat the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2.

The TD Garden crowd erupted in “MVP” chants as Celtics guard Derrick White scored his 25th and 26th points of the night, showcasing his impressive performance in the game.


Derrick White asked Jayson Tatum what it felt like to hear “MVP” chants from the crowd after scoring 26 points in their win over the Atlanta Hawks, which gave the Boston Celtics a 2-0 lead in the first-round playoff series. Tatum confirmed the feeling and the Boston crowd recognized that White belongs in his first full season with the team.

White’s way to the NBA is unmistakable from that of Tatum or numerous different players in the association, as he was just 6 feet tall and weighed 155 pounds in his last year of secondary school, and got no grant offers. All things being equal, he acknowledged a payment from the Division II College of Colorado Springs.
Modified: Following three years and a late development spray, White had the option to move to the DI grounds in Rock. Before the 2017 draft join, he was welcome to a feature for graduating seniors, and he quickly jumping all over the chance to intrigue. The San Antonio Prods considered his true capacity and drafted him to be the 29th by and large pick.
To fill in the hole left by Dejounte Murray, Patty Plants, and Tony Parker, White burned through the vast majority of his freshman year in the G Association. Nonetheless, Murray’s torn leg tendon, Parker’s flight, and Factories’ presentation off the seat left an opening in the beginning arrangement for the 2018-19 season, which White acquired because of his improvement, and was recognized by Prods mentor Gregg Popovich.
Gregg Popovich described Derrick White as an exceptional player who over time realized his place in the league during a recent Spurs visit to Boston.

“Numerous NBA players lack the necessary skills to play, but White was an exception. In addition, he worked on his skills development, which resulted in his gradual improvement. He invested a significant amount of time, and as he progressed, it was only necessary to persuade him that he belonged in the league to boost his confidence,” explained Popovich.


White’s notable aptitudes accompanied him when he was exchanged to the Celtics in 2022. Despite the fact that he had some crucial moments during Boston’s race to the Finals, like scoring 21 points in a Game 1 triumph against the Golden State Warriors, he struggled during the last part of the series.

During the Eastern Conference finals, White became a father, which led to new responsibilities both on and off the court. This prompted him to question his sense of belonging once more.

In White’s inaugural complete season with the Celtics, his approach shifted as he was encouraged by his fellow USA Basketball teammates, Jaylen Brown and Tatum, to exploit opposing defenses that double-teamed Boston’s All-Stars.

During breaks, Brown would encourage White to be more forceful and take advantage of his natural abilities by expressing, “Come on, D, do what you do.”

“We’re just so much more of a dynamic team when D-White is asserting himself and being aggressive,” Tatum said after scoring a team-high 29 points in Tuesday’s win. “We’ve discussed how he tends to be too passive and looks to distribute the ball more than necessary.


Tatum praised White for being a good person, but also noted that his recent aggressiveness, willingness to make the right play, attack the rim, and not hesitate have made the team much stronger.

White communicated his appreciation, expressing “I find it empowering to hear that from my partners, and it gives me the certainty to play my game.”

The Celtics have had a breakthrough this season with White’s game. Due to Robert Williams III’s injury, White played alongside Marcus Smart in the backcourt in a small-ball lineup, and his exceptional performance has left Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla with no option but to give him as much playing time as possible.

White’s 65.6% taking shots at the edge and 38.1% clasp from 3-point range are effectively the most productive of his profession, and he merits his most memorable choice to an All-Protective group.
White’s on/off rating of +9.3 is two times just that high of the Celtics’ second-best player, who had a +6.7 net rating during the customary season, the best in the NBA.
Mazzulla said, “He is more sure, agreeable, and has laid out his character.” He further added, “When you join a group late, particularly one with exclusive requirements that has been together for quite a while, you’re simply attempting to sort out where and how you can contribute.”

Mazzulla stated, “These things come with time, and now he has a clear identity. He can handle the ball for us, play off the ball, and has become accustomed to our defensive schemes, such as switching and matchups. He has an impact both on and off-ball, and occasionally at the rim. So, I believe he has a clear and distinct identity.”


Over two matchups against the Hawks, White has tallied 50 points, placing him second on the team behind Tatum. During Tuesday’s game, Atlanta’s Trae Young was aware of White’s five blocks in the third quarter, causing him to miss two floaters and allowing Boston to extend their lead to 20 points.


White, who will turn 29 in July, looked back on his journey since being traded and expressed that “last year was quite a tumultuous time for me for various reasons. However, this year, I felt at ease right from the beginning. I am committed to improving every single day, and I am grateful to my team for their exceptional support and guidance throughout my journey.”


While he may not hold the title of the most valuable player, White has been identified as the third-best player on the Boston Celtics team, following after Tatum and Brown who are both recognized as outstanding players. The Celtics organization believes that White’s contribution could potentially make a significant impact in the Finals this year, given the team’s depth.


Brown acknowledged the importance of White’s role and stated, “Without a doubt, we need more of that from D-White. I urge him to maintain his current level of play.”

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