Final Fantasy 16 Showcase at Sony State of Play

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Announcements from the Final Fantasy 16 Showcase at Sony State of Play

The recent State of Play event from PlayStation was entirely dedicated to Final Fantasy 16, which is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. The presentation offered a detailed look into the game’s world, Eikon battles, combat system, base camp, and various other features.

We’re here to discuss the important highlights from the State of Play presentation and offer further reasons for fans to look forward to Final Fantasy 16.

1. Clive Rosfield’s Epic Eikon Battles

During the State of Play, Final Fantasy 16’s combat was demonstrated, with a focus on the stunning clashes between Eikons, which are well-known as Summons from previous titles such as Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Bahamut, Phoenix, Garuda, and more.

The combat of Final Fantasy 16 was further showcased in the State of Play presentation, highlighting the spectacular battles between Eikons (Summons), which have appeared in previous games such as Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Bahamut, Phoenix, and Garuda. These battles are diverse and can range from a “3D scrolling shooter” to a “heavyweight wrestling match.” The scale of these battles is massive, with some of the bigger Eikons like Titan Lost making others like Ifrit seem small in comparison to the protagonist, Clive.

The Eikon battles are undoubtedly a major feature of Final Fantasy 16, but they are not the only way in which Eikons play a significant role in the game. Clive will also earn many of his skills by encountering these mythical creatures. These skills can then be unlocked and upgraded using ability points, which will turn Clive into a magical force that harnesses the unique abilities of the Eikons.

While players will have companions joining Clive on his journey, they will only control Clive, and the other characters will be AI-controlled. One constant companion of Clive is his loyal dog Torgal, who players will be able to command and give treats to throughout the game.

While some information about it has been previously revealed, Final Fantasy 16 is said to include various accessibility features that can be equipped to make the game more approachable to all players. Specifically, these items, such as the Ring of Timely Focus and the Ring of Timely Strikes, will provide assistance during combat. For instance, the aforementioned rings can slow down time when you are attacked so you can execute combo attacks with ease by pressing just one button.

2. In Final Fantasy 16, Clive’s Hideout serves as a base camp where players can interact with various characters, engage in side quests, and access shops and other amenities.

Players will explore diverse and stunning locations in the world of Valisthea while playing Final Fantasy 16, but they will ultimately return to Clive’s hideout, which serves as a base camp. This area allows Clive to prepare for upcoming challenges in a variety of ways.

In addition to regular shops that offer weapons, armor, and items, Final Fantasy 16 will feature a blacksmith where you can upgrade your equipment. Meanwhile, the Arete Stone may attract players looking for high scores, although it may seem like a training mode at first.

The Arete Stone in Final Fantasy 16 provides players with a distinct opportunity to train themselves. By transporting them to a virtual stage outside of time and space, players can experiment with new abilities and combat techniques by modifying various variables like enemy type and regenerative abilities. Additionally, an arcade mode will keep track of high scores from players worldwide, allowing them to compete and showcase their skills with Clive.

In Final Fantasy 16, Clive’s hideout will serve as a hub for various activities, including side quests that players can both start and complete. The hideout will have a useful map function, which enables players to check their current side quests and travel to their desired locations. Alongside the standard side quests, players will also have the opportunity to engage in Mob Hunts, where they can take on monsters with bounties on their heads, similar to the Witcher’s monster hunting quests. These Mob Hunts can be obtained from a friendly Moogle.

Players can take a break from combat in Final Fantasy 16 by visiting Loresman Harpocrates, who can provide insight into the history and customs of Valisthea. Returning to Harpocrates frequently will be beneficial for players, as their adventures will help him complete his Thousand Tomes, a book containing his knowledge of the realm. The Thousand Tomes can be leveled up with old-school sprites and classic-style music from the series, making for a unique and enjoyable experience.

One of the characters worth frequenting in Clive’s hideout is Vivian the Military Scholar, who provides players with updated information about the world and its history, including character relationships and past events in Valisthea. This feature is useful for players who want to recap their adventure or take a break from the game.

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