Jeremy Renner Got ‘Kicked Out’ from ICU

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What led to Jeremy Renner being ‘kicked out’ of the initial ICU he was admitted to?


Jeremy Renner, who is known for his resilience, is continuing to make progress on his journey to recovery.

On April 10, Jeremy Renner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and provided further details about his snow plow accident in January. The Marvel actor shared that he broke more than 30 bones, suffered a pierced liver and a collapsed lung, and at one point had a displaced eyeball, among other serious injuries.

In the course of his detailed discussion with the late-night host, Jeremy Renner disclosed that he was reportedly requested to exit the initial ICU where he had been admitted.

There were two different ICUs that Jeremy Renner had to spend time in during his hospital stay, and when asked about the duration of his hospitalization by Jimmy Kimmel, Renner struggled to recall the exact amount of time, ultimately saying, “There was two different ICUs—I got kicked out of the first one.”

In response to Jimmy Kimmel’s question about his hospital stay duration, Renner explained that there were two different ICUs he stayed in and added, “There was two different ICUs—I got kicked out of the first one.” He also mentioned that the ICU area was still under construction when he was admitted, and they put him in a makeshift room, which he described as a “janitor’s closet” without a bathroom, due to the ongoing renovations. He further explained that the hospital put him on multiple drugs, which made it difficult to remember the exact timeline.

Renner jokingly commented that the flickering lights, people groaning in pain, and the overall atmosphere in the ICU made it feel like a haunted house. He also stated that he wanted to leave because he believed he wouldn’t recover well in the “creepy” and uncomfortable setting.


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