Lowland lake fishing season on the horizon


The lowland lake fishing season is approaching and will be starting soon.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is hosting its annual Statewide Trout Derby coinciding with the beginning of the lowland lakes fishing season this Saturday.

Anglers are required to possess a valid fishing license and must have either a Fish and Wildlife Vehicle Access Pass or a Discover Pass if utilizing a state water-access area for parking.

Lake Erie, Grandy Lake, and Vogler Lake in Skagit County were recently restocked with rainbow trout.

On Monday, Lake Erie was restocked with 12,900 rainbow trout, while Grandy Lake received 2,050 on April 5th following an initial planting of 2,000 in March. In March, Vogler Lake, which permits only catch-and-release fly-fishing, was stocked with 1,063 rainbow trout.

The state’s Fish and Wildlife department intends to add over 15.2 million trout to various lakes throughout the year according to their stocking plans.

According to a statement released by the Inland Fish Program Manager, Steve Caromile, opening day of the lowland lakes fishing season is the outcome of a substantial yearly undertaking to offer fishing opportunities.

It can be for individuals from various ages and backgrounds in numerous lakes throughout the state.

“Our fish and hatchery personnel work tirelessly all year round to provide fishing opportunities in different locations across Washington.”

And it will be with the trout derby in place, you might even be able to win a prize while enjoying the activity,” stated the Inland Fish Program Manager, Steve Caromile.

With roughly 800 prizes totaling approximately $40,000, the derby offers a chance to win rewards by catching tagged trout in nearly 100 lakes located throughout the state, and it will continue to run until October 31st.

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