Marshall’s engagement ring is being withheld by Jackie, who refuses to return it.

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Love is blind

The couple had a tumultuous breakup when Jackie ended things abruptly with Marshall, and he asked her to return the engagement ring, saying she didn’t deserve it. Despite this, Jackie insisted on keeping the ring, which Marshall brushed off, saying he didn’t care and that it would remind her of what she missed out on.

Jackie, a contestant from Love Is Blind, is currently in a situation where she is not returning her engagement ring to Marshall after their breakup. She argues that Netflix paid for all the rings used in the show, justifying her decision. The situation has created an uncomfortable atmosphere.

The viewers had different opinions about the uncomfortable situation, but Jackie clarified on her Instagram that she refused to return the engagement ring because it was paid for by the Netflix show and not by Marshall.

On the other hand, Marshall also went on social media to express his wish to keep the ring, and jokingly mentioned that he wanted to leave the show “with something” as they both stuck to their differing opinions.

The couple faced challenges during the show and had conflicting views on what they wanted from the relationship. Jackie expressed her desire for Marshall to be more assertive.

In episode 10 of the show, Jackie expressed feeling emotionally drained, while Marshall acknowledged being emotional and tried to encourage conversations, leading to a final confrontation between the couple.

Marshall and Jackie had a tense conversation where Marshall stated that their relationship had always been according to her terms. However, Jackie made a shocking confession that she couldn’t love Marshall as she was still attracted to her former flame, Josh Demas.

Jackie expressed her intention to keep the diamond ring, stating that she accepted it because she genuinely wanted to marry Marshall, and everything she told him in the pod was sincere.

Marshall responded by saying, “I don’t care, keep the ring. I just want you to remember that you let something great slip away every time you look at it or do anything with it.”

Viewers were divided over the uncomfortable situation, but both Marshall and Jackie took to social media afterwards to explain their reasons for wanting the engagement ring.

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