Prince Harry is set to attend the coronation alone, without the presence of Meghan.

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Prince Harry is expected to attend the coronation ceremony without Meghan.

Buckingham Palace declared that Prince Harry will take part in the inauguration of the future monarch; unfortunately, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, won’t join him.

Rumors circulated if both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would join the coronation on May 6th at Westminster Abbey, which has an estimated two-thousand-person attendance. Buckingham Palace now has announced Prince Harry will appear solo at the ceremony.

Prince Harry’s first public reunion with the Royal Family after his widely acclaimed autobiography will be the upcoming coronation.

Prince Harry’s public revelation of the internal turmoil within the royal family and his sense of not truly belonging in his book “Spare” has led to speculation about whether he will attend his father’s coronation.

Upon official declaration, Prince Harry will take part in the coronation at the Abbey on the same day Archie marks his fourth birthday.

Buckingham Palace sent an invitation to Prince Harry and Meghan via email more than a month ago to attend the upcoming coronation ceremony. Despite currently residing in California, the invitation was extended to the couple.

Over a month ago, Buckingham Palace sent out an email invitation to the Californian-based Prince Harry and Meghan, enquiring about their attendance of the upcoming coronation ceremony. Expectedly, the event will include members of the Royal Family, international dignitaries, prominent personalities and 450 delegates from different charities and community organizations. The absence of Meghan at the coronation highlights the remaining strain and unsolved problems between the Royal Family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry’s memoir and previous Netflix series raised the issue of the unfair press coverage towards Meghan and the lack of support his family provided him. As he is no longer a “working royal,” his part in the coronation ceremony remains ambiguous. Moreover, Harry and Meghan not showing up for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event at the Buckingham Palace balcony further affirms the idea that their relationship with the monarchy has changed.

As the Prince of Wales, much excitement is surrounding Prince William’s role in the coronation ceremony. Recent revelations of a tension between William and Prince Harry has intensified interest in the potential for a resolution of the brothers’ rift.

A selection of concerts and gatherings will take place over the upcoming extended holiday weekend, and the crowning service will be graced by the presence of the Royal Family. In March, Prince Harry showed up unexpectedly in London for a court hearing concerning claims of private space infringement by Associated Newspapers, yet it’s not believed he held talks with either his dad or brother during his stay.

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